Live Sound Engineering Workshop:

Dulcet Sounds provide regular basic sound engineering courses. Intending to provide a stepping stone to event management for participants looking to move into volunteering or paid work as sound engineers or for those who are would like to run there own events / event managers who would like to increase their knowledge of sound engineering.

Its a perfect starting point for attendees to learn how to identify elements of pa systems, understand how to set up a pa system for comedy, music or djs and start using the features on a live sound desk.

Becoming a Sound Engineer need not take years. If you are a complete beginner and yet want to want to learn to mix a full band, understand EQ, patching effects and know how to set up and mix monitors.

Our two day course will teach you enough skills to start earning money as a live sound engineer straight away.

DJ Workshops:

All our tutors have industry experience as DJs and can mix all genres of music. Students will learn all the basic DJ skills, hot cues, beat matching, EQ, cross fading, scratching.

Participants will all use the DJ equipment which is all the very latest technology and over 10000 songs to choose from while they practice leading onto producing their very own mix CDs with the music that they have chosen themselves.

Participants who have DJed before and wish to take their skills further can work on set building, promotion and find out all about a career in the DJ Industry.


Courses can offer recognised qualifications issued by Trinity College London, the awarding body for the Arts Award working in close partnership with Arts Council England.

Additional services

Hire and production:

DJ equipment, lighting, pa systems and sound engineers for hire



Bespoke Comedy Nights

Club Nights for your venue or celebration


Keynote speakers


Digital solutions:

Marketing and PR services

Social media management

Graphic Design

Posters, flyers and banners

Dulcet Sounds are an award winning, not-for-profit, Manchester based event management company who produce around 800 events per year.

and produce Club Feminista: supporting female DJs and sound engineers

We also produce the annual Women In Comedy Festival in October

Laughing Cows Comedy runs the last Sunday of the month in Manchester